How I work

If making time for yourself in a busy life and career is often pushed to the bottom of your long and ever increasing to do list, then STOP now and re-prioritise yourself to be FIRST on that list! I was reminded recently that the emergency guidelines on planes tell you to fix your own oxygen mask to your face BEFORE you turn to help others. The same principle applies to self-development. I will support you over a series of well prepared, sessions, that focus on yourself, your needs, your goals and aspirations.



A 30-minute complimentary session to check our "coaching-chemistry" works well and to get initial view on what you would like to gain from our coaching and/or mentoring sessions. This can be completed face to face, by telephone or by Skype.



Next, we will agree the number of sessions you’d like to start with, the length of these sessions and which you wish to be “face to face” or by telephone/Skype. These details, plus the location of any face to face sessions will determine your programme and can be added to any time later.

Options include:

6- or 12-month programme.
A fixed fee for these programmes will include:
- 6 or 12 with monthly sessions with a choice of face to face or remote meeting
- adhoc support between meetings/calls
- session preparation, tools, materials, and detailed notes from each session provided.

Often used to follow a 6- or 12-month programme, or if you have a particular focus that you wish to spend fewer sessions working on. We can agree 1-3 starter sessions and then work on a rolling basis, until you are ready to take a break or stop. Your fee will include the same guidance, support and structure as the 6/12 month programme, but is charged on a by session basis.


Set up

I will agree dates with you for these coaching sessions, and I will send you my “Powerful goals” coaching template, to support our sessions together. Using this template, you will have absolute clarity on your goals, your current situation and where you would like to get to. 


Let's go!

So let's get started on the development journey! We'll use your "Powerful Goals" to guide progress and measure success over the sessions together.

  • Do you want to make a change in your career or start your own business?
  • Is your to do list overwhelming you?
  • Does your self-confidence feel low?
  • Have you got some changes and goals in mind but just don't know where to start?

For support on these or any other questions that you'd like to resolve, do get in touch today for a conversation on how I can help you.

Coaching or Mentoring – what’s the difference?

I was trained in and utilised both coaching and mentoring during my career in large corporations and I have hundreds of hours experience coaching and mentoring individuals. I also have significant experience in supporting outcomes for teams through group facilitation.

I learned from many sessions with very different people and situations along the way, and can offer the benefit of this experience to you.

Coaching and mentoring approaches can be used in isolation or in a combination, depending on the client’s requirements, experience and desired outcome.


Using a combination of powerful questions and active listening I will support you in the exploration of a topic or resolution of a challenge. During coaching sessions, I will:

• facilitate your progress
• stimulate your thinking
• support your development of options
• encourage you to form SMART actions
• gain your commitment to achieve your goals and desired outcomes

A coaching experience will give you space, focus and perspective to resolve personal or business-related challenges in a supportive, stimulating and non-judgemental environment.


Mentoring draws on my commercial and leadership experience, to collaborate on, and participate in, problem-solving for you. Using this collaborative approach, I will:

• jointly develop solutions and ideas
• provide insights and examples into ways forward
• recommend sources of information or alternative sources of help


Depending on your requirements, a blended approach using both coaching and mentoring can be offered.

What services do I offer?

Here are some of the topics and challenges that I have coached and mentored in the past. Each client is individual in their needs. I will work with you to understand your personal goals and help you with tools and structure to measure your development.

• Deciding what's next for your career or business
• Expand your self-awareness and remove blind spots
• Manage your ever increasing workload effectively
• How to deal with the road-bumps and pressure of business
• Build financial acumen & deliver profitable growth
• Get ready for a more senior role
• Deciding whether to start your own business
• How to build a useful network
• Be more influential with your key stakeholders
• Deal with the politics of your organisation
• Develop more confidence
• Embrace ambiguity and change
• How to receive and give difficult feedback
• Eliminate impostor syndrome
• Developing or re-assessing purpose, vision and strategy
• Improve your organisation's design to deliver more value
• Present to customers or clients with confidence and impact
• Understand & harness your existing strengths and experience