Over the last 27-years my career has seen me working around the UK and in Europe, in large retail and consumer- goods multinationals. Starting in retail, with management positions in Waterstones and Marks & Spencer, I experienced a range of leadership styles (some inspirational and some incredibly demotivating!) that informed my own brand of leadership and people management. I wanted to learn, develop and stretch myself as far as I could, so I looked for my next career challenge & found it at Mars UK.

I spent the next 12 years with Mars, learning and developing in a super-strong coaching and mentoring culture. I worked in commercial roles with global brands, including Mars, Snickers, Twix, Pedigree, Whiskas, Dolmio and Uncle Ben’s, growing business across the major UK retailers and leading teams that managed a turnover in excess of £100M.

Learning and development with Mars was prolific and comprehensive. I soaked up this incredible learning opportunity and covered topics including:

• Coaching & Mentoring
• Emotional Intelligence
• Myers Briggs
• The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
• The Lominger Competency Toolkit for Leadership and Talent Development.

My time at Mars, working in confectionery, petfood and world foods was so much fun, and the 12 years went in a flash. The talent that I was privileged to coach and mentor, and the leaders who challenged and supported my own personal development, all had a deep and lasting impact on my leadership philosophy, coaching and mentoring style and strategic approach to business and people development.

In 2009 I joined the Swedish Global FMCG corporation, SCA Hygiene (renamed Essity in 2017). At Essity I was responsible for growing their branded (Plenty, Cushelle, Velvet, Bodyform and Tena) and private label business in the UK and Ireland, as Regional Sales Director for 8 years and then 2 years as Regional VP Sales and Marketing, for the UK and Ireland. In this role I led a team of 86 across Sales, Consumer Marketing, Customer Marketing, Product-Development, Logistics, Customer Service, Demand-Planning and Finance and a was responsible turnover in excess of €525M.

My passion for supporting individuals and teams to be the best that they can be, led to me starting my own business in 2018, allowing me to focus full time on Mentoring, Coaching and facilitating teams to positive outcomes.  In all the businesses I’ve worked and in the many roles that I have operated in, I’ve learned from the challenges and my mistakes just as much (if not more!) than from the times that it went smoothly. It’s incredibly important to reflect on this as you progress through your career and life generally. I will draw on this experience to support your journey, and often help normalise the situations that you are experiencing yourself.

Outside of work

When I am not Mentoring & coaching, you can generally find me on horseback or road-biking around the Shropshire countryside. I live with my husband, our 4 cats and 2 horses, deep in the Shropshire countryside.  My equestrian interests have led to me volunteering - I’m in my fourth year as Chairlady of the Shrewsbury & District Riding Club - and competing, in One Day Eventing. With any time left in the week, I squeeze in supporting Manchester United & Bath Rugby, I try-out new recipes at home and enjoy sampling other more accomplished chefs' food and wine-lists around the region and when travelling.